About Henk van Putten

Abstract: It is said, especially in constructive art, that “less is more”. The ideal would be a simple, strong, shape, well made and of interesting construction. For the past forty years I have been trying to make such work, but I still struggle with contradictory considerations: leaving things out (like surfaces) can lead to objects which do not look simpler, but, on the contrary, more complex. Presenting a geometrical idea in a beautiful way sits in the way of presenting it in an understandable way. These days, I notice that considerations of ‘beauty’ are of less concern to me than they used to be; it is the geometrical idea, the play with newly discovered ratios, which takes precedence.



Henk was born in Amsterdam in 1936

1948 Technical School Amsterdam Holland

1950-60 Works as designer at various studios

1959 Journey through Spain and Morocco

1965 Sets up own Consultancy Agency

1970 Moves to Ibiza and works as freelance artist and exhibits in Gallery Vandervoort

1972 Returns to the Netherlands and continues as freelance designer

1973 Marries Agnus Gastmans and continues to work as freelance sculptor

1976 Settles in Amsterdam

1980 Founds Gallery Ärt Stable, first edition of Art Stable Review

2001 Study trip to India

2002-04 Regular visits to India

2005 Takes up permanent residence in Auroville, India